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(genetics) an organism having two different alleles of a particular gene and so giving rise to varying offspring

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Heterozygote pigs should be either bred at least for two generations to ultimately obtain homozygote pigs.
Homozygous subjects demonstrate analbuminemia, whereas heterozygotes have intermediate concentrations of serum albumin (2, 3).
It is not surprising that the Hardy-Weinberg test for deficiency of heterozygotes was significant at the same loci (AaH11 and AaC3) that had significant P-values for disequilibrium of Hardy-Weinberg in the small, spatially compressed SSW.
This study identified a small group of patients without known etiology for altered liver function tests who were heterozygote for H63D, raising the possibility that individuals who are heterozygotes could develop phenotypic hemochromatosis even in the setting of H63D mutations.
thalassemia compound heterozygotes can be misdiagnosed with which diagnosis listed below?
Reported single heterozygotes for Hb CH (at least in 8 non-independent individuals from seven independent families) (1-6) lack hematological manifestations; the only compound heterozygote excepted is a Turkish woman with a [[beta].
088) Data are presented as proprotions percentages Chi-square-test * 707GG/710 GG/761CC homozygotes (wild type) for three SNPs in exon 6 ** 707GC/710 GC/761 CT heterozygotes for three SNPs in exon 6 *** 707CC/710 CC/761 TT homozygotes for three SNPs in exon 6 Table 4.
pylori positive gastric ulcer Japanese patients dual therapy results in 29, 60 and 100 per cent eradication in normal homozygotes, heterozygotes and mutant homozygotes, respectively.
Exact tests for deviations from Hardy Weinberg equilibrium were performed using GENEPOP and six loci exhibited a significant deficiency of heterozygotes (Table 1) with one possible cause being the presence of null alleles.
During the 22 years of thalassemia screening in our Thalassemia Prevention Unit in northern Greece, 30 cases of heterozygotes for Hb D, 1 case of compound heterozygote for Hb S / Hb D-Punjab and 1 case of compound heterozygote for [beta]-thalassemia / Hb D-Punjab were detected, among 80,401 subjects screened.
Allelic frequencies in a large sample from one of two subpopulations predicted a significant deficiency of heterozygotes for all polymorphic loci (P < 0.
Heterozygotes for Transfer 1 and homozygotes for ph1b were selected, grown and self polfinated.
Suggested mechanisms include mutator mutations or partial heterozygotes, but a satisfactory explanation is not available (22).