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small New World burrowing mouselike rodents with fur-lined cheek pouches and hind limbs and tail adapted to leaping

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2010), no individuals from the three species (Chaetodipus hispidus, Dipodomys ordii, and Perognathus merriami) of the family Heteromyidae captured in this study tested positive for arenavirus antibodies.
Hoarding food is typical of all the species of the family to which the kangaroo rats belong, the Heteromyidae.
By contrast, species of pocket mice (family Heteromyidae, genera Perognathus and Chaetodipus) were relatively abundant in the sparser grasslands still being grazed by livestock.
pocket gopher -- 2 1 Heteromyidae Chaetodipus californicus, California pocket mouse x -- -- Chaetodipus sp.
Family/Species Common name Heteromyidae Dipodomys merriami Merriam's kangaroo rat Chaetodipus spp.
Simultaneously, densities of rodents (families Heteromyidae, Muridae, and Sciuridae) were estimated on three replicate circular 1.
Cuvier, 1829 121 Sciurus deppei Ardilla de C MA LR/lc Peters, 1863 selva Familia Geomyidae 122 Orthogeomys Tuza C MX A CR cuniculus Elliot, 1905 123 Orthogeomys hispidus Tuza C MA LR/lc Le Conte, 1852 Familia Heteromyidae 124 Heteromys Raton C SA LR/lc desmarestianus Gray, 1868 125 Liomys pictus Raton C MA LR/lc Thomas, 1893 126 Liomys salvini Raton C MA LR/lc Thomas, 1893 Familia Muridae 127 Baiomys musculus Raton C MA LR/lc Merriam, 1892 128 Neotoma mexicana Raton C NA LR/lc Baird, 1855 129 Nyctomys sumichrasti Raton C MA LR/lc Saussure, 1860 130 Oligoryzomys Raton C SA LR/lc fulvescens Saussure, 1860 131 Oryzomys alfaroi J.
pictus (Thomas, 1893) como el unico hospedero de la familia Heteromyidae para esta especie de pulga; sin embargo, Acosta et al.
Within the rodent family Heteromyidae, running endurance is positively correlated with body mass across four bipedal species, but not across four quadrupedal species (Djawdan 1992).
Roedor de la familia Heteromyidae que habita a elevaciones intermedias en las cordilleras de Tilaran y de Guanacaste (Monteverde, volcan Rincon de la Vieja, volcan Santa Maria y el cerro Cacao; Anderson y Timm, 2006).
Species accumulation curves for taxa inventoried with traps (Didelphimorphia: family Didelphidae and Rodentia: families Sciuridae, Heteromyidae, Cricetidae and Echimyidae) and mist nets (Chiroptera) at different locations did not reach saturation (Fig.
2006), las cuales son parasitos intestinales de mamiferos de las familias Geomyidae (Thomomys, Geomys y Cratogeomys), Heteromyidae (Perognathus, Chaetodipus y Heteromys) y Leporidae (Sylvilagus) (ver Cuadro 1).
Pocket mice (Perognathus and Chaetodipus) of the rodent family Heteromyidae are comprised of species generally adapted to arid and semi-arid regions of the western United States and Mexico.
Mice (Muridae, Heteromyidae or Zapodidae) were most prevalent, occurring in 68% of samples.