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Complete development of nymphs on Musa paradisiaca (banana) and Canna indica (canna) and the Pontederiaceae Heteranthera callifolia reported by these authors suggests that more studies of feeding preference and performance of different age categories of C.
2003b), and Heteranthera and Monochoria (Pontederiaceae) (Graham & Barrett, 1995; Jesson et al.
Working with left- and right-handed plants of the species Heteranthera multi-flora, Linley K.
Heteranthera dubia, Myriophyllum spicatum, and Vallisneria americana.
While the enantiostylous floral syndrome can apparently exist as a true genetic polymorphism (Ornduff and Dulberger 1978), it usually occurs as a somatic polymorphism with right- and left-handed flowers occurring within the same individual, as is the case in enantiostylous species of Monochoria and Heteranthera.
The 24 taxa from Pontederiaceae included eight species of Eichhornia, four taxa of Pontederia, five species of Heteranthera, four species of Monochoria, the monotypic Hydrothrix, and one species each from Reussia and Zosterella.
Los generos con mayor numero de especies son Eleocharis (13), Nymphaea (12), Echinodorus (9), Heteranthera (9), Potamogeton (9), Sagittaria (9) y Ludwigia (8).
Presencia de Heteranthera reniformis Ruiz & Pavon en el cultivo del arroz en Huesca.
crassipes and on two other Pontederiaceae species: Pontederia subovata (Seubert) Low and Heteranthera limosa (Swartz) Willdenow.
Heteranthera Pontederiaceae America reniformis Ruiz & Pavon Heteranthera Pontederiaceae N America rotundifolia (Kunth) Griseb.
X Eragrostis reptans X Eriochloa punctata X X X Helianthus annuus X X X Heteranthera dubia X X Ipomoea amnicola X Ipomoea carnea X Iva annua X Lemna sp.
The role of roots in carbon uptake by the submersed macrophytes Myriophyllum spicatum, Vallisneria americana, and Heteranthera dubia.
En las charcas permanentes de la canada se colectaron Callitriche heterophylla, Heteranthera rotundifolia y Potamogeton diversifolius.