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English pianist (1890-1965)

Swiss physiologist noted for studies of the brain (1881-1973)

Nazi leader who in 1941 flew a solo flight to Scotland in an apparent attempt to negotiate a peace treaty with Great Britain but was imprisoned for life (1894-1987)

United States physicist (born in Austria) who was a discoverer of cosmic radiation (1883-1964)

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The Hess Toy Truck is one of the longest running toys on the market, and a cherished holiday tradition," said Justin Mayer, Hess Toy Truck general manager.
It also keeps the Hess toy truck on holiday wish lists -- as they will still be sold at Hess retail stores and online this year.
To Hess, they bring substantial, relevant experience in areas where the Company sorely lacks counsel and oversight.
Hess Connect's variety of San Diego internet marketing services offer clients a way to respond and repair a tarnished reputation.
Such a purchase would make Elliott one of the top three shareholders in Hess, according to Thomson Reuters data.
According to Kutcher, Hess has tools to help customers reduce their energy usage, but more is needed to slow the rise of carbon emissions.
Hess calls the ranch ``an absolutely essential part of the story of Southern California architecture.
Hess knew that scientists had purified blood-borne fibrinogen and thrombin into soluble powders.
Authors John Harris and Michael Trow claim that with their cover blown, the British authorities then had to arrest Hess.
Indeed Crusius's diary reveals that not only was Hess in contact with Studion, but Hess himself lent Studion various works on prophecy.
To help sort all this out, Nursing Homes Managing Editor Laura Bruck asked for clarification of these issues from Cathy Thomas Hess, RN, BSN, CETN, President of Wound Care Strategies, Inc.
Karl Hess, dubbed an "unconventional intellectual" by The Washington Post, died on April 22 at age 70, two years after receiving a heart transplant.
Sudbury is already known world wide as a mining centre," notes Frank Hess, the general manager of the Sudbury Regional Development Corporation (SRDC).
The taxpayer in Quill seeks to overturn the holding of the North Dakota Supreme Court that National Bellas Hess v.
Timothy Persson has been named Chief Executive Officer at The Hess Collection following the departure of Gary Bulger, who has been President at Hess since 2009.