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a planet (usually Venus) seen at sunset in the western sky

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Rock band Procol Harum included their song The Wreck of the Hesperus on their album A Salty Dog in 1969 and George Harrison included his song Wreck of the Hesperus on his 1987 album Cloud Nine.
hesperus on the two species of cotton grown in the United States, American upland (Gossypium hirsutum) and American pima (G.
73) In the ancient world, Hesperus was the evening star, so Horace is speaking here of one who grieves day and night because of some great loss.
48-51), where "The Sun was sunk, and after him the [evening] Star / Of Hesperus, whose Office is to bring / Twilight upon the Earth, short Arbiter / Twixt Day and Night" (my emphasis).
The winner of four races, Lady Clara is a half-sister to King Hesperus, who won the Listed Rochestown Stakes for Aidan O'Brien.
The jewelry line features species ranging from the Rothschildia Hesperus, Morpho Helenor (also simply known as The Blue Morpho), to the Phoebis Argante species.
Mary Borden's stories from The Forbidden Zone, recently reissued in London by Hesperus Press, reveal her close proximity to the frontlines in a hospital unit that she founded and in which she cared for the wounded.
The convoy of 45 merchant ships, including 17 oil tankers, is protected by two destroyers and four corvettes of the Liverpoolbased escort group B2 commanded by Donald Macintyre on HMS Hesperus.
Forster: Brief Lives, sister volume to his biography of Oscar Wilde (both Hesperus Press).
Trap cropping, planting date, and cowpea variety as potential elements of an integrated pest management strategy for Lygus Hesperus in blackeyed cowpea.
Aspects of courtship behavior of the black widow spider, Latrodectus hesperus (Araneae, Theridiidae), with evidence for the existence of a contact sex pheromone.
When it precedes the Sun in rising it is called Lucifer; when it appears when the Sun is setting it is called Hesperus or Vesper, and this is its name according to function.
I would follow, follow Hesperus the bright, To seek beyond the western wave His garden of delight.
The focus, in the world of Hardy publications this past twelvemonth has been predominantly on Wessex Poems culminating in Tom Paulin's edition, Thomas Hardy's Wessex Poems (London: Hesperus Press, 2007).