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denoting or characteristic of countries of Europe and the western hemisphere


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cornhuskers" appeared in the Hesperian, Nebraska's student
In communication by wireless with Tentonica and Hesperian.
Seven died on the Iberian, 32 on the Hesperian and 20 on the Rhineland.
Disabled village children, Hesperian Foundation Palo alto; 1987: 401-522.
Well, he doesn't call Olympia Parnassia, but you get the idea: if we can agree with the wild notion that the "framed yet open space is not unlike poetry," then the "loss" and "memory" of Olympia is the loss and memory of Greece itself, here in addition commemorating Bion, and we see that the gentle mind of this ode participates in Hartman's great theme of westering in Hesperian lands.
The Monthly Hesperian, and Odd-Fellows' Literary Magazine 1.
Apparently this is a mere 'mounting response' construed as a 'social greeting' at cocktail hour, when that Byronic Hesperian depression takes hold of them too.
According to the scientists, the river might have been formed by water in the Hesperian period between 3.
The structures were formed long after it was originally carved by liquid water during the Hesperian period, which is believed to have ended between 3.
Geologically, the site is located in the Ossa-Morena zone, part of the Hesperian platform, a landscape marked by peneplains.
Galicia is one of a large outcrop dominated by igneous and metamorphic rocks called Hesperian Massif where there are many thermal manifestations.
Address: South Lakeshore Road and Hesperian Way, Chelan
A student editorial published the following week in The Hesperian stated: "It is difficult for the student body to understand just why it is necessary for the university to sustain this loss.
Hesperian Foundation has many free online (or low cost) books targeted for community health workers, such as the well-known "Where There Is No Doctor" by David Werner with Carol Thuman and Jane Maxwell (Berkeley, Calif.
12) The time of day, the mutual observation, the recognition, and the change of mood created by the remark "I rode home in the dark" recalls Marais' writings on Hesperian (evening) depression in The soul of the ape (Marais, 2002).