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English lyric poet (1591-1674)

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According to Oregon State Police, Herrick was driving east when Redmond crossed the highway on his bicycle, heading south and in the path of the Pontiac.
He told us: "I floated the idea of a Herrick spin-off but the writers were moving on to the American version of it.
Herrick says setting a sick-day mandate could backfire, by prompting employers of low-wage workers to compensate for the effects of the mandate by cutting wages or cutting other compensation costs.
The detailed discussion of the printing of the 1648 Hesperides quarto presents the specialist reader with much to admire: the editors make an enormous contribution to Herrick studies by identifying John Grismond as the printer of the first quarto (although their grand claim that the printer "has never been identified until now" [408] is technically not true since Connolly announced the identification several years ago in her Herrick entry in the Blackwell Encyclopedia of English Renaissance Literature).
Mr HERRICK has left his post as chief financial officer with immediate effect, but will not leave the company formally until February 7.
Debenhams announced the departure of Herrick without naming a replacement.
Bryant Motors Managing Partner/Dealer Principal Kyle Herrick said, We basically just heard that it might be an opportunity and we talked to the previous owners and we struck a deal.
Herrick, a 24-year veteran of the town clerk's office, received 1,209 votes and Mr.
People don't know who is going to get elected, they're concerned about future legislation, and I think there's an attitude of, 'Let me buy it while I can,'" said Brian Herrick, Savage Arms vice president of marketing and sales.
Christopher Herrick, 43, and Traci Godlef, 42, were caught with more than 200 blank and fake credit cards and a list of targets including Tommy Lee Jones, Helena Bonham Carter and her director husband Tim Burton.
A prominent Ohio conservationist, Herrick received numerous awards and honors for his contributions and leadership in preserving Ohio natural areas.
Pete Herrick worked in high-end construction in Florida.
Here Herrick a retired academic and author of two other books offers an intriguing in-depth argument concerning the ways in which the executive branch of the government has been allowed to overstep the law with no repercussions.
Contemporary critics of Joyce's Chamber Music (1907) saw in these early poems "something of the spirit of Waller and Herrick," "a courtliness that reminds one of Herrick and Lovelace" and "the lucid sensibility of Jonson and Herrick.
Now he was up to something new: a serious play in so-called standard English, based loosely on the life of poet Robert Herrick, as Martin and Primeau note (4).