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a German man

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a German courtesy title or form of address for a man

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Labour's Stephen Pound (Ealing North) could be heard shouting "thank you, Herr Fabricant" from his seat.
Herr spent much of his 20s travelling and working for magazines before convincing Esquire magazine editor Harold Hayes, in 1967, to let him travel to Vietnam and write a monthly column.
Herr said that the Phoenicia was not spared amid these events but the overall performance of the hotel throughout the year was positive.
The new AGM, Herr, joined IHG in 1993 as a rooms division trainee and as a member of the Fast Track graduate development program.
Bridesmaids were Kacie Chandler, Melissa Herr, Stephany Kennedy, Leigh Anne Laffoon, and Tiffany Robertson.
In January 1982, at the age of 17, Herr was in a traumatic mountain climbing accident when scaling up Huntington's Ravine on Mount Washington, New Hampshire.
Herr has little name recognition and little funding.
The dapper and articulate Susan Herr was a high school English teacher in San Antonio, Texas, when she discovered her sexuality.
4) Then the patient saw the Herr Professor standing with his back to the window at the other end of the great room beyond the second chandelier and they regarded each other with the laughter and cries and glitter of light between them.
Herr Bruggermann stayed with families from our school.
Herr lost both his legs below the knee in a Mount Washington climbing accident when he was 17, but says that should not inspire pity.
Herr was suspended with pay on Friday and also gave a public apology for her actions, stating she didn't "realize that her posts were readable by all Twitter readers.
I imagined maybe they weren't working because they didn't know how to go about getting a job," Herr says.
One of the earlier pillars of the counseling profession who is not known for plaudits and who is a mentor to me praised Herr as the professional he saw as singularly pivotal in the vanguard of the counseling profession, counselor preparation, and counseling research in the 1970s and beyond: "He is a good man, Herr.
Sheldon's Daniel Herr and Thurston's Kraig Akins both earned first-team all-state honors for Class 6A football.