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(Greek mythology) messenger and herald of the gods

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EFG Hermes, one of the largest brokerages in the Arab world, on Sunday announced its foray into the Jordanian market with the acquisition of Tadawol for Securities, a local Jordanian brokerage.
Hermes will look for sites with longer opening hours, such as filling stations.
Houck illustrates that as Hermes tells Perseus "gods and humans are the same except for magic and mortality.
Hermes was a member of the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers, The Institute of Roll Design, Worcester Power Squadron, 58 year member of the Hope Lodge of Masons, Gardner, and the Cedarwood Country Club.
Spinner, through Hermes, creates plenty of drama and action in these stories, and a reader can imagine storytellers throughout the centuries holding their audiences enthralled as they tell of the strengths and foibles of the Greek gods and goddesses.
Scholarly research has grown at an increasingly fast pace in the last decades, enlarging and deepening our knowledge of texts attributed to Hermes in Greek, Arabic, and Latin cultures.
Credit insurer Euler Hermes, part of the global financial group Allianz, said on Wednesday (14 January) that it had acquired the remaining 50% of the shares of Suomen Luottovakuutus Oy (Finnish Credit Insurance Company Ltd) from If Skadeforsakring Holding AB, a Swedish company in the pan-Nordic insurance group If.
By late October, Hermes became bright enough (13th magnitude) to be seen in 10-inch and larger amateur telescopes as it raced westward across Cetus and Pisces toward Aquila.
The trajectory he came up with convinced him the asteroid was Hermes.
Hermes spent millions to reconfigure the space, which recaptured an extra 4,000 SF while altering the remaining 31,000 SF.
In the Hermes building, the same principle was adopted, with the columns on one side of the frame being held in base joints that allow uplift and rotation simultaneously and seismic energy to be absorbed by viscoelastic dampers.
Maison Hermes,'' a glass-walled building, is as large as the home office in Paris and its New York branch.
Hermes unravels what looks like a black piece of cable you might find connecting a TV set to a VCR.
LVMH notes that the AMF, the French regulatory body responsible for market supervision, opened an enquiry into 'financial information and share trading between LVMH and Hermes International' on 5th November 2010.
Not even Hermes, a name at the top tier of the luxury category.