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the branch of theology that deals with principles of exegesis

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So, my hypothesis is that essentialist and constructivist visions of identity are complementary, and in this respect the main methods used could be qualitative comparativism, phenomenology and philosophical hermenutics.
1403, 1423-32 (2006) (noting challenges posed by changing hermenutics in Qur'anic interpretation).
Fedoryka's article, "The Concept of 'Gift' as Hermeneutical Key to the Dignity of the Human Person," provides an account based on Pope John Paul II's concept of "the hermenutics of the gift" through which we can come to see clearly why it would be an error and illusion to regard any human being, no matter how well accomplished, to be truly "self-made.
A fter graduating form New York, Robert returned to Britain where he got an MA in Biblical Hermenutics from London Bible College.
The analysis of these documents is supported by the theoretical hermenutics of Paul Ricoeur, principally in the concepts referred to as "yo": "mismidad" and "ipseidad," with which the immediate reality is presented as a sufficient analogy for the comprehension of a social reality anda specific political position.