Hermann Goring

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German politician in Nazi Germany who founded the Gestapo and mobilized Germany for war (1893-1946)

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No, it has to be said that this annus horribilis of a year can't end soon enough for any of us, except possibly "Mr 9%" Marc Bolan, or any of the German discounters who are inflicting the sort of damage on British retailers (not you, Bandy, Arkansas doesn't count as Home Counties just yet) that Hermann Goring could only ever dream of.
Over the years, books, miniseries, and films have recounted and dramatized the details of the courtroom showdown between the American chief prosecutor, Justice Robert Jackson, and the principal defendant of the trial, Hermann Goring, who not only humiliated Jackson with his superior courtroom rhetoric, but who also managed to avoid retribution by taking his own life the night before he was scheduled to be hanged.
Persico's Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial, that when a film documenting the concentration camp horrors and crimes committed against European Jews was shown to them, most of the Nazi defendants were shocked, and some cried, except Hermann Goring.
Others who also receive fairly high recognition include Charles deGualle, Benito Mussolini, Heinrich Himmler, and Hermann Goring.
Already a prominent university professor and political and legal theorist when he joined the Nazi Party in 1933, Schmitt was personally mentored by Hermann Goring and eventually became, in Lilla's words, "a committed, official advocate of the Nazi regime.
What on earth did Hermann Goring envision when he hollowed out that hill in Berlin and constructed his enormous stronghold?
Perhaps the most interesting of the group was Hermann Goring.
Hitler's public assurances shortly after becoming chancellor that the Christian churches were "the most important factor in the preservation of our Volk," and the decree of Hermann Goring, the Prussian Minister of the Interior, to incorporate the contributions of nongovernmental welfare as consistent with Germany's Christian foundations supported Protestant expectations.
Having a medal pinned on him by Nazi party leader Hermann Goring didn't help, either.
Saying he had been personally admonished by Hermann Goring in the presence of SS head Heinrich Himmler, Keitel warned he must "set an example" to other prisoners, Gen Maj Westhoff recounted.
As Hermann Goring is supposed to have said, "I decide who is a Jew
Germany in 1935 was already entering the grip of Nazi militarism, a fact that could not escape Leopold and his fellow touring foresters, though it is doubtful that they appreciated the crucial role of forest products in Hitler's mobilization for economic self-sufficiency under the direction of chief forester Hermann Goring, or considered the possibility that some of the extraordinary hospitality they received might be calculated to create a favorable impression of German forestry among people who could spread the word.
Hermann Goring, Fighter Ace: The World War I Career of Germany's Most Infamous Airman.
More sinister shots show him in uniform, striking an aggressive pose during a speech and cosying up with Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goring and Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini.
Did you say anything to him,' asked my father when he came back, `that was Hermann Goring,'" said Mrs.