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German hero

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Away to the west the Hermann and the Germanicus had appeared and were coming into action.
And the Furst Bismarck, the Hermann, and the Germanicus steamed parallel to them and drew ahead of them, fighting heavily.
So the airships passed one after the other along the American column as it sought to keep up its fight with the Furst Bismarck, the Hermann, and the Germanicus, and each airship added to the destruction and confusion its predecessor had made.
Well, you tell that Hermann of yours to mind his own business; that when I write poetry about the girl he's keeping company with it's his business, but that outside of that he's got no say so.
Also, you find out from your Hermann if he will deign to permit you to accept a wedding present from me.
Butler, Hermann von Schmidt cheek by jowl with Charley Hapgood, and one by one and in pairs he judged them and dismissed them - judged them by the standards of intellect and morality he had learned from the books.
As to my friend Hermann, he might have been a consummate master of the honourable craft, but he was called officially Schiff fuhrer, and had the simple, heavy appearance of a well-to-do farmer, combined with the good-natured shrewdness of a small shopkeeper.
Thus, sometime before I knew Hermann to speak to, I received on my hat a horrid rag-doll belonging to Hermann's eldest daughter.
I have many times observed the baby Hermann (Nicholas) en gaged in gnawing the whipping of the fore-royal brace.
Hermann, an engaging, stout housewife, wore on board baggy blue dresses with white dots.
The worthy Hermann himself was not very en tertaining, though his English was fairly compre hensible.
On the other side of the deck Hermann and I would get a couple of chairs out of the cabin and settle down to a smoking match, accompanied at long in tervals by the pacific exchange of a few words.
Hermann let Lena cherish and hug that bundle of rags to that extent, it was so disreputably and completely unclean.
It was in the even ing, and Hermann, who, contrary to his habits, had stayed on shore late that day, was extricating him self backwards out of a little gharry on the river bank, opposite his ship, when the hunt passed.
Hermann walked in first, starting in the very door way to pull off his coat, and encouraging me with loud, hospitable ejaculations: "Come in