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31st President of the United States

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Army Corps of Engineers ongoing repairs to the Herbert Hoover Dike.
The central event was a major exhibit, "Remembering Herbert Hoover and the Commission for Relief in Belgium.
Black Thursday, Blue Monday, Doomsday, edge, Herbert Hoover, Internal Revenue Service, life-insurance policies, margin, Michael Meehan, panic, Franklin D.
Marshall, who had been instrumental in devising the text of the minority protection treaties,(41) was troubled by what he heard about fellow Republican and longtime partner in relief work Herbert Hoover.
The bill was passed by Congress and then approved by President Herbert Hoover on June 11, 1930.
In a letter to President Clinton, the head of the foundation, Ms Deborah Tabart, said if President Herbert Hoover had not banned koala pelt imports in 1929 the koala would have become extinct.
Russia needs a New Deal, not an old Herbert Hoover plan.
The Republican candidate, Herbert Hoover, was known as a manager who got things done.
And no matter how things turned out, he couldn't have been any worse than Herbert Hoover, Warren G.
Herbert Hoover and the Republican Era, as the latest addition to the genre, brings together nine essays covering the period 1921-33.
You can also make a 10-minute stop at the Herbert Hoover Exhibit Pavilion (at the top of the steps to the left of the tower) for a glimpse of photographs and papers from selected collections, or take an elevator to the top of Hoover Tower for a fine view of the Stanford University campus and the south bay.
Freedom Betrayed is the culmination of an extraordinary literary project launched by Herbert Hoover during World War II: a memoir that evolved into a comprehensive critique of US foreign policy during this war and the ensuing early years of the Cold War.
Governor Rick Scott announced that he will propose a $50 million investment to expedite repairs for the federally operated Herbert Hoover Dike at Lake Okeechobee in his 2018-19 recommended budget.
1928-1933 is the fifth volume covering Hoover's life in a series that is sponsored by the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association.
com)-- The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association has announced the selection of Jerry Fleagle to assume the duties of Executive Director of the Association.