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a plant lacking a permanent woody stem

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Herber has coached collegiately at Utah, South Florida, Iowa State and Coe College.
Herber will be based out of Intellect's New Jersey office.
Herber is a pioneer in the small community of K9 drill teams, helping others learn about and participate in this activity through her articles and creating the K9 drill team Yahoo group.
I must also remember and highlight the influence of my undergraduate professors, my teachers at the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, who inspired, planted and nurtured in me the seed of this beautiful profession; Doctors Armando de Hart, Fernando Cortizoz, Jairo Palacios, Manuel Miranda and Herber Mosquera.
Parece que los gobiernos perredistas en comparten el dogma de politica publica de endeudamiento que en su momento aplico Herber Hoover cuando fue presidente de Estados Unidos en los anos cuarenta: "benditos seran los jovenes, pues ellos heredaran la deuda nacional".
To do that, as I understand, Herber suggests to decide which one is the most important output of the economy of the region and then to choose the best way to secure it, while making the others compatible with it.
Now in a completely updated and substantially revised second edition, "Ancestral Trails: The Complete Guide To British Genealogy And Family History by Mark Herber continues to be an invaluable and indispensable genealogical reference guide for novice and experienced genealogists alike whose researches require them to access the voluminous British archives of records and other published resources.
Swedish production machines developer and manufacturer Karolin Machine Tool AB (KMT Group) said on Monday (26 February) that it has agreed to sell part of the operations of the subsidiary KMT Herber.
Other KMT business areas are in sheetmetal working--the Ursviken and Herber brands in Sweden--and in precision grinding.
Herber Fuentes, 46, said he rolls his wheelchair around its lagoon almost every afternoon to watch the birds.
En noviembre de 1986 Herber Montesinos nacio en la poblacion salvadorena de Piedra Gorda.
Maria Eugenia Morales-Betoulle, * Herber Morales, ([dagger]) Bradley J, Blitvich, ([double dagger]) Ann M, Powers, ([section]) E, Ann Davis, ([paragraph]) Robert Klein, * and Celia Cordon-Rosales *
The most attractive type of enclosed garden and the most appealing type for us to reproduce today was the herber, an enclosed ornamental garden.
Como actor trabajo en 1995 en Rompiendo normas (Breaking the code), de Herber Wise.
Notes toward a thinking machine, 2005, shown in the rear gallery, is structured like a kinetic pattern-poem and recalls Guillaume Apollinaire's Calligrammes (1913-16), the work of nineteenth-century English poet George Herber, and various Italian and Russian Futurist experiments.