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a city in northwestern Afghanistan on the site of several ancient cities

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The people were travelling in a vehicle to Herat city from Gulran town and from there to Iran.
Another link, already under construction, will connect Herat to Iran, which may eventually enable Uzbekistan to send cargoes to and from its Gulf ports.
Work on the 62-kilomteres long railway project from Iran's border to Ghoriyan district of Herat was launched in 2007 at a cost of $75 million based on a grant from neighboring country.
Gelani Farhad, spokesman for the provincial governor in Herat, says the three included two employees from the customs department and their driver.
In this exhibition,Dozens of rural business from different districts of Herat Province showcasedthire rural products for three days.
In the first three months of the year, some 100 vehicles were reported stolen in Herat province.
With joining these Taliban fighters to peace process, the security would be further improved in the western region of Afghanistan," Herat provincial governor Mohammad Asif Rahimi said in his remarks at a ceremony to welcome the former militants.
Rafiq Sherzai, a doctor of Herat's regional hospital, said Saturday that the students were between 7 and 12 years old and all attended the Fatiha School in the city of Herat, the provincial capital.
The embassy statement gave scant details of the attack but an Afghan official in Herat said a rocket-propelled grenade had been fired at the vehicle.
Herat is the fourth of seven areas to transition to Afghan control this week, but critics say the timetable is politically motivated and not reflective of Afghan abilities to ward off the Taliban with violence at a 10-year high.
Western Afghanistan has a newly paved 75-mile stretch of highway between the Iranian border and its main city, Herat, courtesy of the Islamic republic, which is also considering building a rail line on the busy route, and has pledged another $560m to help rebuild Afghan infrastructure and businesses.
I wondered how much aid and development work would be delayed, or even derailed by the extensive burning and looting that had erupted in protest to the ousting of warlord Governor Ismael Khan from his obsessive grip on Herat.
PROTESTERS stormed UN compounds and stoned US soldiers in the Afghan city of Herat, a day after the government sacked its warlord governor.
Afghan Aviation Minister Mir Wais Saddiq has been killed in Herat in western Afghanistan, reports said Sunday.
Fighting in the western city of Herat, dubbed as one of the worst violent acts since the fall of the Taliban more than 2 years ago, kills Civil Aviation Minister Mirwais Sadiq, son of Herat governor and warlord Ismail Khan (one of Kabul's most powerful warlords).