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(Greek mythology) the lame god of fire and metalworking in ancient mythology


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Gods and other 'good' characters in myth may also have a less than perfect physical form; the Greek Hephaistos was born lame and is known as 'the limping god', while the Irish hero NE[c]adu lost his arm in battle but was given a silver prosthetic arm to replace it.
The aegis of the Iliad is apparently metallic, handcrafted, and the gift of Hephaistos.
Milton includes, for example, in his description the building of Pandemonium, that the "architect" was "Mulciber," also known as Vulcan or Hephaistos, the Greco-Roman god of fire, conventionally understood to be a blacksmith or metalworker (I.
le cheval de Troie, le filet ou Hephaistos attrape Ares, l'appat pour un poisson (Od.
490-496), when the poet describes the detailed scenes and figures chiselled in the shield Hephaistos forged for Achilles, next to the first exterior rim--dedicated to the "wreaths from heaven" [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]: Il.
An interesting study by Alice Donahue, "The Reliefs of the Dancing Maenads" Hephaistos 16/17 (1998/99): 7-46, proposed that the Roman dancing maenad group was not based upon monumental sculptural models, but illustrations in a treatise displaying inventions for automatic theaters, devices that presented mobile sculpted figures somewhat like the synchronized moving characters in European town square clocks.
Initially this building was going to be a direct copy of the Temple of Hephaistos in Athens.
Here staged are the foiled expectations of a modernized Thetis as, with anticipation, she inspects the agile craftsmanship of a present-day Hephaistos absorbed in producing a substantial shield for a contemporary Achilles.
In boek XVIII van die Ilias beskryf Homerus hoe die kunstenaar Hephaistos 'n skild maak vir Achilles as deel van die wapenrusting waarmee laasgenoemde Hektor gaan aandurf in die Trojaanse oorlog.
Tenderly comforting his mother, Hephaistos reminds Hera that once before he intervened between his quarreling parents and provoked Zeus: "he caught me by the foot and threw me from the magic threshold,/and all day long I dropped helpless, and about sunset/I landed in Lemnos, and there was not much life left in me.
It developed an industrial microwave oven, called VHM Hephaistos, with a hexagonal chamber that is said to apply more homogeneous heating than a round chamber.
Hephaistos is the intuition of what it means to work in a society where players reign.
In Protagoras (320d-322d), Protagoras says that Prometheus stole the arts, or technai, from Hephaistos and Athena.
8) In Greek mythology, fire is often associated to artistic creation, whether it be related with Prometheus or to the lame god of fire and metal-working, Hephaistos.