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United States film actress who appeared in many films with Spencer Tracy (1907-2003)

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Hepburn stated, "Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get--only with what you are expecting to give--which is everything.
The book tells how Tracy smacked Hepburn with the back of his hand when she tried to put him to bed at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.
Once, rounded up with a group of young girls by a Nazi soldier to be part of a work detail, Hepburn bolted and ran through alleys to escape.
Mann's book notes that Hepburn identified with straight men, but it was only with women "that she could set Jimmy free and be herself; rare was the man who could tolerate such a paradigm.
Hepburn carefully reproduces texts, and though he quite often mentions the appropriate printer he does not always include full addresses and imprints, not to speak of stock numbers.
Katharine Hepburn was more, much more, than a movie star with a unique speaking voice and an independent streak.
Nonetheless, the film earned Hepburn her second Oscar.
The 23-year-old, who has just finished recording new songs with rock superstar Lenny Kravitz's band, said: "We were all very young in Hepburn, and that socalled rock chick look just came naturally to us.
Claiming that a religious controversy was "what we want in Ontario least of all," yet with a caucus seriously divided on the matter, Hepburn proceeded to draft a new Separate School Bill that February.
She was a great Hepburn fan but had met the actress once, when she was filming Two for the Road with Albert Finney in the south of France.
Matthew Adam Hepburn, 22, of Pevensey Close, Middlesbrough, was discovered dead on the first floor of a terraced student house in the town's Clairville Road on September 25, 2006.
As mentioned in the play, the press was never fond of Hepburn, but Broome's work as this "lady of perpetual indulgence" is well deserving of standing ovations.
Thanks to the legacy of 150 years of the struggle initiated by Thomas Hepburn and his fellow trade unionists, the UK deep coal mining sector came to lead the world in safety standards.
MAY 12, 2007, marks the first centenary of the birth of Katharine Hepburn, in Hartford, Connecticut--though Hepburn had always claimed a 1909 birth year until the publication of her memoir Me in 1991.
Debra Hepburn of RBH Rees Bradley Hepburn will create an online presence for lingerie retailer Leia