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any of numerous small green nonvascular plants of the class Hepaticopsida growing in wet places and resembling green seaweeds or leafy mosses

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The basic lesion of liver telangiectasis consists in a focal dilation and congestion of the hepatic sinusoids.
The larvae cross the intestinal wall and cysts develop in the hepatic sinusoids.
The hepatocytes are projected like the rays of a wheel from the central vein and to each other forming anastomosing fenestrated plates of hepatic cells separated by great vascular spaces called hepatic sinusoids (Gartner & Hiatt).
Kupffer cells (liver macrophages) in the blood pass through the hepatic sinusoids and in fibrosis become activated by adverse stimuli such as viruses or toxins.
5-6) In cirrhosis, elevated portal pressure results from a combination of increased portal inflow due to splanchnic arteriolar vasodilatation and elevated resistance to outflow through distorted hepatic sinusoids.
The ingested ova penetrate the intestinal wall, reach the portal system and from there to the liver where most of them are lodged in the hepatic sinusoids.
The larvae cross the intestinal wall and via the portal system reach the hepatic sinusoids where they develop into cysts.
Little or only a slight reaction for antibodies against laminin can be observed in the hepatic sinusoids (8, 9).
Although most cysts are caught in the hepatic sinusoids, which are carried out by the portal vein, making the liver the most frequently involved organ, a few ova may pass through the liver, heart, and pulmonary capillaries and reach the general circulation to lodge in such sites as the orbit, heart, thyroid gland, lung, bones, urinary bladder, and other internal organs.