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a group of animal DNA viruses including viruses of ducks and woodchucks and squirrels and others as well as the virus causing hepatitis B in humans

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Early mesozoic coexistence of amniotes and hepadnaviridae.
Hepatitis B, a member of the Hepadnaviridae family, is a small DNA virus with unusual features similar to those of retroviruses.
Entre los virus de transmision parenteral sexual tenemos el virus de la hepatitis B (VHB), el cual pertenece a la familia hepadnaviridae, se transmite por contacto con sangre, semen, u otro liquido biologico de una persona infectada a una susceptible.
In contrast, the amphophilic cell lineage of hepatocarcinogenesis has been observed mainly after rodents have been exposed to peroxisome proliferators or to Hepadnaviridae (Bannasch et al.
The Australia antigen is now referred to as hepatitis B surface antigen, HBsAg; ultimately the HBV was classified as a DNA virus in the Hepadnaviridae.
Hepatitis B is caused by a DNA virus of the class hepadnaviridae.
Chapter 31 Other Viruses: Hepesviruses, Hepadnaviridae, Deltavirus, Anelloviruses and Unclassified Viruses
P)} HBV is the prototype member of the Hepadnaviridae family with virions which are double- stranded particles, measuring 40 to 42 nm in diameter with an outer lipoprotein envelope that contains three related envelope glycoproteins (Uyar, et al.
The Hepadnaviridae family is made up of genera Orthohepadnavirus and Avihepadnavirus.
Heterogenecity among globally common HBV strains is 104 times greater than other DNA viruses which is due to the fact that members of hepadnaviridae family replicate through an RNA intermediate and RNA reverse transcriptase is known to have a high error rate (Hourioux et al.