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a group of animal DNA viruses including viruses of ducks and woodchucks and squirrels and others as well as the virus causing hepatitis B in humans

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In contrast, the amphophilic cell lineage of hepatocarcinogenesis has been observed mainly after rodents have been exposed to peroxisome proliferators or to Hepadnaviridae (Bannasch et al.
The Australia antigen is now referred to as hepatitis B surface antigen, HBsAg; ultimately the HBV was classified as a DNA virus in the Hepadnaviridae.
Hepatitis B is caused by a DNA virus of the class hepadnaviridae.
Chapter 31 Other Viruses: Hepesviruses, Hepadnaviridae, Deltavirus, Anelloviruses and Unclassified Viruses
The family Hepadnaviridae comprises 2 genera (Orthohepadnavirus and Avihepadnavirus), and viruses classified within these genera have a narrow host range.