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Some of the early names considered were: Hep Cat, Beaver, Detroiter, Runabout, Savile, El Tigre and Coronado.
Told through the intense physical and narrative dance style that Bad Taste Kompany have become renowned for, the outdoor piece featured a unique fusion of world-class breaking combined with Lindy Hop, Charleston, and swinging big band music of the roaring twenties that tapped into the spirit of gangsters, bootleggers, gamblers, flappers, and hep cats of the time.
Set amidst stunning Welsh countryside, Brecon Jazz continues to maintain a high reputation amongst beret and Breton top-wearing hep cats of all ages.
l THOSE Dundonian hep cats really got down on the Tay in the groovy Sixties, man.
Bontemps responded on December 12, 1952, in part by speculating about audience differentiation: "I have dared to think that, given a little luck, this might become the kind of story that certain adults might also pick up and chuckle over, especially repentant hep cats and be-boppers.