Henry of Navarre

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king of France from 1589 to 1610

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As Ann Ramsey remarks in her preface, it was Denis Richet and Robert Descimon who suggested she investigate the unusual number of wills drawn up in 1590 during the siege of Paris by the Protestant Henry of Navarre in his struggle against the League to assert his claim to the crown of France.
Between 1575 and 1588 he undertook more than a dozen diplomatic missions for Henry, in which he negotiated with the crown's principal internal troublemakers, Henry of Navarre and his Huguenot followers, Henry, duke of Guise and the Catholic Leaguers, the king's brother Francis, duke of Anjou and his Low Country allies, as well as foreign rulers like Elizabeth of England; and a host of lesser notables, both foreign and domestic.
The second argument arises out of a close reading of the pamphlets' focus on the figure of Henry of Navarre as a hero, which abruptly ended, along with the run of pamphlets, when Henry converted to Catholicism.
44) Furthermore, James continued his friendship with Henry of Navarre and delighted in the company of his favorite poet, the very Protestant Du Bartas.
The high point of this civic policy came during the tumultuous events of 1588-1589 - with the assassinations of the Guises and Henry III and the accession of the Protestant Henry of Navarre - when the town, virtually alone in its region, openly declared for the crown.