Henry VII

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first Tudor king of England from 1485 to 1509


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But Henry VII was a winner, who succeeded in passing his throne on to his son, Henry VIII.
After only two years, he was killed at Bosworth Field by the army of a rival claimant to the throne, Henry Tudor, who took over as Henry VII.
Roses, with Lancastrian opponent Henry Tudor installed on the throne as Henry VII.
The Biographers' Club, an organisation to promote the art of autobiography, announced on Wednesday that Thomas Penn, is the winner of the GBP5,000 HW Fisher Best First Biography Prize 2012, for his narrative of the reign of Henry VII, Winter King.
This new biographical study of Henry VII is not a biography in the usual sense (like the last by Sean Cunningham in 2007).
During the reigns of Tudor monarchs - from Henry VII to Elizabeth I - he said there was no contemporary recognition of any common thread or even any recognition of the term "Tudor".
1509: Henry VII dies at the age of 52 and his second son accedes to the throne as Henry VIII - his eldest son Arthur having died in 1502 aged 15, a few months after marrying Catherine of Aragon.
Theodor Dumitrescu's meticulous study of musical relations between England and Continental Europe from the accession of Henry VII in 1485 until the eve of the English Reformation in 1530 is the most thorough book-length study of early Tudor court music in nearly half a century.
At which battle in 1485 did Henry VII fight against and defeat Richard III, establishing the Tudor dynasty?
Nine further images were identified, the last in 2003 being the picture of Louis, until when the manuscript was assumed to have been made for Henry VII of England.
One of the first gold sovereigns, issued by Henry VII, fetched pounds 40,250.
Diana and England's royal family both go back to King Henry VII.
Johnson, Arthur, and Ford) and those monarchs who seized the crown through means other than inheritance (William I, Stephen, Henry IV, Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII, and William III), one can whittle down a list of roughly 34 leaders for each nation.
But now historians believe an ornate four-poster bed dumped in the car park of Redland House Hotel, in Chester, belonged to Welshborn King Henry VII, with reports suggesting it is worth a cool PS20m.