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English phonetician


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In several chapters the author speaks enthusiastically of the European Reform Movement of the late nineteenth century, led by Jespersen, Henry Sweet, and Paul Passy.
His 1925 defence of Dr Ossian and Henry Sweet was another source of inspiration for the `black rage' defence strategy in a self-defence context.
Murray and Hardy were not the only 'outsiders'; there was Henry Sweet for one.
Interest in the history of English linguistics is not new, and has gained momentum more recently with the formation of associations such as the Henry Sweet Society.
9 Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Reader, 15th edn (Oxford, 1967), 198, 200, 201; Henry Sweet, A Second Anglo-Saxon Reader, 2nd edn (Oxford, 1978), 212.
In addition to the academic portion of the conference, Henry Sweets and the staff of the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum put together a remarkable set of activities: visits to the Boyhood Home, the Museum, the Birthplace Museum near Florida, the archeological reconstruction of the Quarles Family Farm site, the Mark Twain Cave, and a dinner riverboat cruise on the Mississippi.