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writer who was born in the United States but lived in England (1843-1916)


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My contribution to Henry James on Stage and Screen is "For Mature Audiences: Sex, Gender, and Recent Film Adaptations of Henry James's Fiction" and my contribution to The Men Who Knew Too Much is "Caged Heat: Feminist Rebellion in Henry James's In the Cage and Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window.
Henry James and the Queerness of Style encompasses four chapters in addition to an introduction.
Brooks's Henry James Goes to Paris is an interesting attempt to explain one of the central quandaries at the heart of many studies of James and French culture: why is James considered the master of the proto-modern novel at the same time that he was often critical of leading artists and writers of his day, like Flaubert, the French Naturalists, and the Impressionist painters?
5") but in-depth study analyzes some of the correspondence between Henry James, a major fiction writer, and his brother William James, a pioneer of modern psychology and an expert in comparative religion.
Over eight hundred letters between William and Henry James survive, and to its credit, Wm & H'ry gets to the heart of their substance in its 122 pages.
Riverway, Sheraton (Program arranged by the Mark Twain Circle of America and the Henry James Society)
And Henry James Redknapp, sitting near the back in a floor-toceiling glass box, next to co-defendant Milan Mandaric.
Henry James took a lot of the essence of her for his fiction, but in real life refused to take her to Italy with him.
Ben Stephenson, controller of drama commissioning, says: "Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a ghost story for the adults to watch in front of the fire when the children are in bed, and they don't get more chilling than this bold reimagining of the classic Henry James tale.
In 2005 a treasure-trove of manuscripts was discovered in a farmhouse attic: diaries, memoirs, letters, locked diaries, billets-doux from Flaubert and scraps from Henry James.
This essay explores four new books about James, each of which places his writing and responses to it within some kind of cultural context: The Critical Reception of Henry James: Creating a Master by Linda Simon; Henry James and the Visual by Kendall Johnson; Henry James, Women and Realism by Victoria Coulson; and A Superficial Reading of Henry James by Thomas Otten.
She seems to be motivated by a sense of social duty which Henry James describes as, "a very straight path".
The Literary Criticism of Henry James and William Dean Howells.
In 1897, suffering from writer's cramp, Henry James (1843-1916) began dictating to a typist.
This article inquires why it should be now, in our own time, when tastes and styles are so radically different, that Henry James should have come to represent, to so great an extent, Literature.