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writer who was born in the United States but lived in England (1843-1916)


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As with perhaps any book, there are elements in both Henry James Goes to Paris and Henry James and the Second Empire with which one can quibble.
Wm & H'ry; literature, love, and the letters between William and Henry James.
Rowe's recent edited volumes include A Concise Companion to American Studies (2010), Re-Framing the Transnational Turn in American Studies (2011), and A Historical Guide to Henry James (2012).
Cadets Jacob Cotton, Ewan Pakula, | |Kieran Eeles and Henry James
Her dissertation dealt with Jane Austen and Henry James.
Wrenn (comparative literature, London School of Economics) examines the influence of the mind-set of France's Second Empire, under Napoleon III, on Henry James.
What: ``Masterpiece Theatre American Collection'' drama based on the Henry James novel of a wealthy American abroad confronting aristocratic mores.
Or a list where Rita Mae Brown (Rubyfruit Jungle, 18) outranks Henry James (The Bostonians, 27).
As for the psychological mystery of this child's-world view of adult privilege, Sargent's friend Henry James (whose portrait he painted) distilled it as "the sense it gives us of assimilated secrets.
Ethos and behavior; the English novel from Jane Austen to Henry James (including George Meredith, W.
Here's a guy who was yanked out of school at the age of 12 by his mother - in the exact reversal of the usual Jewish mother, she didn't want him to be a professional; she wanted him to go into show business - and yet he read Henry James, met Somerset Maugham, and had a vigorous correspondence with T.
Wister) had very elaborate journals, so I think he had a good ear, and the journals were attempts to record a style of talking, but then he was an admirer of Henry James and Jane Austen and was a personal friend of Teddy Roosevelt, so he saw himself as trying to maintain a certain sensitivity inside the story.
I find it ironic that many of the world's greatest male writers have been gay, yet their bodies of work are claimed by the straight world--just think of William Shakespeare, Herman Melville, or Henry James.
A similar volte-face occurs in one of her most provocative works, Four in America, where she wondered what kind of military general Henry James would have been since "Henry James is not a queen but a general.
In this intriguing study of both Henry James and Hollywood film conventions, Raw (American culture and literature, Baskent U.