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In a celebrated incident from 1076, for example, Pope Gregory VII and King Henry IV of England fell into a dispute over who should have the power to name church bishops--church leaders or government officials.
The Battle of Stalling Down is reputed to have taken place in the late autumn or early winter of 1403, between the supporters of the Welsh leader Owain Glyndwe r and those of King Henry IV of England.
Supporters of Owain Glyndwer, pictured, fought those of King Henry IV of England in the Battle of Stalling Down in 1403 on land east of Cowbridge * The site of the Battle of St Fagans, left, is likely to be included in the Register of Historic Battlefields in Wales
The letter itself was from Owain Glyndwr to the King of France, requesting help because at the time he was involved in the revolt against Henry IV of England,'' he explained.