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king of France from 1547 to 1559

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first Plantagenet King of England

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We have given him an entry in the Henry II Stakes, so we'll see how that pans out, but we are strongly considering going into Pattern company rather than going down the handicap route with big weights on his back.
Dubai: Godolphin's Colour Vision makes his seasonal reappearance in Thursday's Group 3 Henry II Stakes at Sandown, UK -- a two-mile contest that is customarily used as a prep for the Group 1 Gold Cup, Britain's top event for long-distance horses that is traditionally held on day three at Royal Ascot.
Which royal dynasty was founded by King Henry II in 1154?
Ottonian imperial art and portraiture; the artistic patronage of Otto III and Henry II.
13: Henry II, the first Plantagenet King (1154-89), ruler of a Channel-spanning empire, was born in Le Mans.
Both these women are included in this survey of both queens regnant and consort who became de facto regnant: the uncrowned Matilda, heir of Henry I, who struggled against her cousin Stephen to rule; Eleanor, consort of Henry II, who finally banished her and then imprisoned her for her support of his sons' revolt; Isabella, a nasty piece of work who turned against her husband, Edward II, and eventually allied with her lover, Roger Mortimer, to oust the King and, in the author's view, to have him killed; and Margaret, who ruled when the King's mental illness made him unfit.
05) will bid to win the Henry II Stakes for the second year running at Sandown on Thursday.
This great family dramedy about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine's battle of wits over which of their three sons would be the next King of England, stars David Bailey as Henry and Deb Campbell as Eleanor.
By Mali Ishtewi King Henry II was, to say the least, a most intriguing character.
Setting friendship aside, which is often necessary in business, Henry II discreetly engineered Becket's murder in 1170.
Both Catherine and her husband, Henry (who became King Henry II of France in 1547) had insecure and traumatic childhoods.
Though the narrative is not indexed, teachers and their students, as well as the general listener, will appreciate the short, lively chapters, many featuring great characters such as Julius Caesar, Boadicia, Lady Godiva, King Arthur, Henry II, Becket, Robin Hood, and Wat Tyler.
The Scot will appear as doomed Thomas Becket, opposite Jasper Britton as King Henry II.
95) Like ``The Ref,'' with more family squabbling, this time among royalty, but not so much like ``Santa Claus Conquers the Martians'': King Henry II (Peter O'Toole) and his estranged queen, Eleanor (Katherine Hepburn), have differing opinions on which of his three sons should inherit the throne - and that means having one of the sons marry his mistress, a French princess whom Henry sort of wants to hang onto.