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English novelist and dramatist (1707-1754)


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Though Henry Fielding died soon after the government agreed to provide limited funding for his venture, his blind half-brother, John Fielding, took over and made the seven-man company into the first crime squad.
Sir Henry Fielding Charles Dickens (Dickens' son) born 1849 WED Marie Therese Roche Four children
INDEPENDENCE DAY IN CROATIA 1754: Henry Fielding died, aged 47.
Jonny Owen, currently in Swansea filming Hunky Dory with Oscar nominee Minnie Driver, played Henry Fielding in A Bit of Tom Jones.
Jonathan Owen, whose character Henry Fielding attempts to sell the severed manhood of Tom Jones in the controversial movie, said: "The film is like a cross between Carry On and Monty Python.
And thus already in 1749, Henry Fielding in Tom Jones [1749] (Book VIII, chapter one) specifies the area of interest of the novel, and claims that novelists are "confined" to "scenes of private life" and "search into the most retired recesses and draw forth the examples of virtue and vice from holes and comers of the world" (1994: 338).
1754: Henry Fielding, British novelist whose works include the History of Tom Jones.
The Bow Street Runners were founded in 1749 by the saucy novelist, Henry Fielding.
Around the middle of the eighteenth century, the magistrate and novelist Henry Fielding noted that "trade hath indeed given a new face to the whole nation .
The problem begins with Miller's chosen definition of conversation, which is limited to talk without a clear immediate purpose, such as information gathering or financial gain--"that reciprocal interchange of Ideas, by which the Truth is examined," as Henry Fielding put it.
Even though both men soon relented, Charlotte joined an upstart company led by the satirist Henry Fielding, who gave her full rein to wear breeches and to parody her father on stage.
He was a brother to Henry Fielding, the creator of Tom Jones.
Separately, the company said that Henry Fielding has recently resigned as Vice President and Manager of the Products Group.
Although novelist Henry Fielding wrote, "Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea," we actually prefer lavender and orange blossoms.
Policing and Punishment opens with a lengthy introduction on crime in London from Restoration to the appointment of novelist and reformer Henry Fielding as justice of the peace for Westminster in 1748.