Henry's law

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(chemistry) law formulated by the English chemist William Henry

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This ratio will in general deviate from the Henry's law constant [K.
The Henry's Law constant for the used ionic liquid was within the range of data described in Wang et al.
In the earlier relations, parameters including diffusivity, surface tension, density, Henry's law constant, and viscosity are functions of temperature.
By the above definition of a quotient, temperature dependency of diffusion coefficients and Henry's law constant is important to flow classification of nucleated solutions.
d] is the Henry's Law constant and p is the partial pressure of the gas.
o]), the temperature (T), and Henry's law constant (K).
v) Equilibrium exists at the gas-liquid interface and is governed by Henry's law with Henry's law constant k.
In order to implement the model the initial bubble diameter, ambient pressure and physical constants of the system, such as viscosity, surface tension, diffusion coefficient, and Henry's law constant are required.
the Henry's law constant as a function of pressure.
Note that momentum and mass transfer equations are coupled with the heat diffusion because of the temperature dependence of the properties such as viscosity, Henry's law constant, and the diffusion coefficient.