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king of France from 1547 to 1559

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first Plantagenet King of England

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will not even speak of 'Catharine d' Medices Queen Mother and monster of France', and, of course, Henri II, 'a grievous oppressor of the Church', was killed in a joust, Francois II died young, an earlier duc de Guise was assassinated, and Anjou was felled, some say, by a 'venereous contagion', which means syphilis (sig.
Henri II clearly trusted her judgment, for he left her in charge when he went to war.
The text conveys the considerable importance Henri II assigned to the public display of his personal martial abilities.
Using as its centerpieces the Antiquitez's dedicatory poem to King Henri II, the opening sonnet addressed to the Divine Spirits of ancient Rome, and Sonnet 5's imitation of Petrarch's famous "Chi vuol veder" (RVF 248), the essay articulates the subject position of the DuBellay's lyric speaker through his thematic and rhetorical reformulations of the classic Petrarchan inaccessibility crisis within the realms of cultural anachronism and loss.
Now orphaned, with only a tattered genealogical chart proving her family's direct descent from Henri II Jeanne plots to reclaim her rightful place at the Court of Versailles.
MARY, Queen of Scots, landed here in 1548 on her way to Paris to be engaged to the son and heir of Henri II of France.
She was crowned at a week old and in 1547, the infant queen was offered in marriage to the Dauphin - the eldest son of Henri II of France.
Did you know Nostradamus predicted this event in one of his letters to Henri II of France, in the 16th Century?
Nor is 16th-century French history bereft of interest, whether the libertine behaviour of Francis I and Henri II (killed after a lance pierced his armour during a jousting tournament), the psychological torments of Charles IX or the assassination of Henri III by a deranged Dominican friar.
The principal subjects are battles, sieges, massacres, executions, the conspiracy of Amboise, the accidents of Henri II and Guise.
Catherine de Medicis, the queen consort of King Henri II of France, was one of Nostradamus's greatest admirers.
After the sudden death of her husband Henri II and eldest son Francois II, Catherine de Medicis was able to transform her identity as a wife, widow, and mother into political agency as regent for Charles IX.
1510-79), later aided by his brothers, whose superlative skills and imaginative designs earned him the patronage of the Emperor Charles v, the French kings Francois I and Henri II and other prominent princes of the time.