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the capital and largest city of Finland

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Finnair is also growing its capacity to several Lapland airports from Helsinki, including extra flights to Rovaniemi and Kuusamo between January and March.
Pohjois-Karjalan kalevalaisen perinteen juuret, Helsinki (TL 108).
Helsinki Airport has emerged as major transfer hub between Asia and Europe, and 15 million passengers use the airport every year.
Helsinki is the world''''s northernmost urban area among those with a population of over one million.
A push cart shop will offer WDC Helsinki 2012 products.
Helsinki city council must still vote on the issue, but Pajunen said a Guggenheim museum would boost the city's cultural credentials.
Russian night train Tolstoi continues to run between Helsinki and Moscow.
Petersburg, the entire group rejoined and left Tallinn for Helsinki, Finland.
Demus said she wasn't happy with her performance in Helsinki, although it was more than a second faster than her previous best, set in 2004 when she failed to make the finals at the 2004 Olympics.
The maggot was sent to the Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki, Finland, and identified as a third-stage larva of Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel), the New World screwworm fly.
Miami University and Helsinki University of Technology in paper partnership.
The Finnish energy company Helsinki Energy has introduced HelenNet, a network service for TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) phones.
TUOMO MANNINEN is a photographer based in Helsinki.
1937: Helsinki - Finland 0 England 8 (Payne 2, Steele 2, Robinson, Willingham, Johnson, Kirchen).
com from current holder Paragon International Projects Ltd to Port of Helsinki.
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