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German statesman who served as chancellor of Germany (born in 1918)

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Former Social Democrat chancellor Helmut Schmidt told Wednesday's Bild daily if Germany's traditionally high voter participation dropped this time around it would be down to Merkel's election campaign tactics.
The skeptical mood was underlined by one member who quoted former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt as saying: "The problem is that you Americans think every problem has a solution.
Helmut Schmidt, the 90-year-old former Chancellor who led West Germany from 1974 to 1982, told public broadcaster NDR he was "deeply moved" when the Wall fell.
Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt used to assert correctly that the deutschemark, the world's second leading currency for most of the postwar period, could never rival the dollar because "West Germany was the size of Oregon.
It takes a man who does not know what is a war to start a war" - Helmut Schmidt, the former West German Chancellor, on US President George Bush.
The ultimatum, delivered to West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, made it clear that if the demands were not met, the planeload of returning holiday makers would be blown to pieces.
The first recipient of the award in 2004 was former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.
Helmut Schmidt, former CEO of Flint-Schmidt and new CEO of the recently combined group of Flint Ink and XSYS Print Solutions in Europe.
Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said: 'If I want to buy from you, I have to speak English, but if you want to sell to me, you have to speak German.
In a previous paper (Palmer, 1996), I presented the results of testing a proposed conventional interpretation of ostensible precognition effects in experiments with a random event generator (REG) that were reported by Helmut Schmidt (1969).
A policy that made Helmut Schmidt, the German ex-chancellor, recenty comment that giving up on engineering has left the UK economically vulnerable, which is the legacy of Thatcher's policy.
Li, whose visit comes four months ahead of German national elections, is scheduled to meet on Monday with Peer Steinbrueck, Merkel's main challenger for the chancellery, along with former chancellor Helmut Schmidt.
In 1978, German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing proposed an exchange-rate arrangement -- the European Monetary System (EMS) -- to restore stable exchange rates in Europe.
Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who is honorary president of the council, will speak on the "Present World Situation" while Carlson will deliver an introductory speech about the council and its significance.
His son Mike, 10, demonstrated outside the Chancellory headquarters of Helmut schmidt with a sign around his neck saying; "Mr federal chancellor, I want my mommy back.