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(Greek mythology) the three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades

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Now, an outlaw hellhound is building an army to claim the Seven Seals for himself.
In recent weeks, they've reported on everything from ghost trains to hellhounds, and from grey ladies to spectral soldiers.
Now, ten years later, the hellhounds are coming to collect the devil's fee; the architect dies first, then the surgeon.
From the opening onslaught of Hellhounds On My Trail to the closing carnage of Roadkill Morning this is one thrash of the titans that could and should catapult these flying Finns into the big league.
Blues legend Robert Johnson had hellhounds on his trail, but Riverside, CA's Robert Johnson sponsored TNT on this bar blast without having to sell his soul
O'Connell, who used to haunt Worcester venues with such bands as The Hellhounds and Hotbox Shuffle, is not in the city he grew up in as often as he used to be since moving to Gloucester a few years ago.
The work that makes best use of this extraordinary space is, perhaps, Jorgen Haugen Sorenson's That's Why They Call Them Dogs, a mass of writhing, snarling hellhounds with gashes of red and white picking out the jaws amid the clay-coloured ribs, manhood and muscle.
He always talked about struggling, about demons, whether it was women or feeling that hellhounds were on his trail.
The Moors are portrayed as hellhounds, dealing death and punishment to all involved, especially in the final scene.
By way of contrast, the Potter refuge -- Hogwarts -- is a grim and frightening place, harboring poltergeists, menacing ghosts like the Bloody Baron, basilisks, duplicitous wizards, three-headed hellhounds, and a creepy night watchman, among others, and set amidst forests teeming with threatening monsters.
Though Dowie had his followers call him "Doctor" until he assumed prophetic office, he unmercifully savaged "clinical hellhounds," arguing they needed to have devils cast out of them.
I won't want his scheming hellhounds having anything to do with my lovely boys.
There've been more than a few pretenders to the throne of New Rock Goddess - Courtney Love, Liz Phair, Joan Osborne, Alanis Morissette, not to mention sundry Bikini Killers, Breeders et al - but for whatever reason, nobody's been willing to take the risk to come across as an artist with a capital "A," a Romantic-style genius, someone possessed by her muse or her daimon, or even the hellhounds on her trail.
The game, set in present-day and in real-world locations, sends players up against werewolves, necromancers, zombies, succubae, demons, and hellhounds.
uk The Rory Gallagher Convention A tribute to Irish Blues/Rock musician Rory Gallagher, featuring tribute bands Sinnerboy, Tony Dowler's Hellhounds and Brute Force and Ignorance.