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any place of pain and turmoil

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This is to be expected of both major political parties since they've been breaching this UN Convention (Article 22) by sending refugee children to prison hellholes (euphemistically called "detention centres").
It may only take a handful of judges who wander from the legal beam to create a Judicial Hellhole.
Even in Judicial Hellhole jurisdictions, including some that have received national attention, the clear majority of judges are fair, and the negative publicity can be blamed on a few bad apples.
ATRF's Judicial Hellhole list identifies the nations "most unfair civil court jurisdictions" annually.
Fortunately, resorting to these devices Hill be increasingly rare, as the number and intensity of these hellholes continues to diminish over time.
These young boys need help to adjust when they arrive in these hellholes, not just thrown in a cell and basically left to get on with it.
One of her most well-known, no-nonsense arguments at the House of Commons was: "Our people are living in flea-ridden, bug-ridden, rat-ridden, lousy hellholes.
Still others benefited taverns, bawdyhouses and hellholes.
But there's invariably an agreed time limit before he is packed off to one or other of the hellholes where TV news awards are won.
But there's invariably an agreed time limit to days spent languishing in commuter belt Surrey before he is packed off to Africa, El Salvador, the savage streets of Northern Ireland, Tamil uprisings in Sri Lanka or other rat-infested hellholes where TV news awards are won.
The ghost of Neville Chamberlain has been exhumed to justify American interventions in Korea, Iraq (twice), a ragbag of Third World hellholes, and Vietnam.
The locally elected judges of the Circuit Court of Madison County receive at least three-quarters of their campaign funding from the lawyers who appear before them to represent plaintiffs in personal injury, class action, or medical malpractice cases," says the report, Bringing Justice To Judicial Hellholes 2003.
Judicial hellholes are cities, counties, or judicial districts that attract lawsuits because they are perceived as very plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions, according to the American Tort Reform Association, which surved its members to determine which areas they would identify as venues prone to dispensing uneven justice.
Well, if you don't count our very own urban hellholes where murder, rape, infant mortality, and unemployment might give Portau-Prince a run for its money.
Personally I was unaware that the luxurious fun of the gravy train involved wiping the faces of the sick and the frightened and dying or going into burning buildings to save children or struggling to teach other people's violent kids in the hellholes of our inner city schools.