fire and brimstone

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(Old Testament) God's means of destroying sinners

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To The Angry Evangelist is an answer to hellfire and damnation preachers, and 9 Hrs To Go is a thoroughly contemporary road song rhyming motormouth cocky with lesbian street hockey.
Move over, Jon Stewart: Jeremy Hooper says he has the gay answer to all the hellfire and damnation coming from antigay conservatives via the news, and it's helping gay youths.
He would have felt at home many years ago among the preachers of hellfire and damnation of the time.
I heard sermons full of hellfire and damnation which were directed at me.
The one positive aspect of the new dispensation is that, if the unborn are innocent despite the church's declarations, non-Christian babies who grow up and die without baptism are not con, signed to eternal hellfire and damnation.
If Oswald Villard had thought that homosexuality was the path to hellfire and damnation, as Reagan seemed to profess, chances are he wouldn't have thrown his friends on the street.
LIKE a hellfire and damnation preacher marching through the Wild West, he's back to spread The Word.
It's important to me to treat everyone I meet as a member of my family, because whether I like it or not, we are all related on some level--even to the people who wish us nothing but hellfire and damnation.
HELLFIRE and damnation churchmen may be jailed if they carry out exorcisms on 'possessed' children under the age of 16.