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admiration for Greece and the Greeks and Greek customs

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Swansea-born principal of George Watson College, Edinburgh, Gareth Huw Edwards, 50, (choral singing, hellenophile, Welsh rugby, rugby refereeing);
His preference for Greek, not Roman, models linked him to the hellenophile Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768).
Greece was the first of the provinces of the old Ottoman Empire within Europe to win its independence, after a long, cruel war of liberation (l821-29)--a cause that engaged the sympathies of liberal Europe and tens of thousands of Hellenophile volunteers, and cost the poet Lord Byron his life.
This we can accept, though it leads to one line of criticism to which the book is open: if the project is to show up Nietzsche's indebtedness to a tradition of Hellenophile cultural criticism, then surely the reader would have been better served if Martin had allowed himself more time and presented a fuller study reconstructing that tradition and dealing with Nietzsche's relations to several predecessors.
A favourite with Hellenophiles (lovers of Greece) since the 1820s, when Byron made his home on the island.