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the principles and ideals associated with classical Greek civilization

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a dialectic weapon; to the cutting edge of Greek logic they fitted, in the place of the universals of Greek speculative thought, the positive doctrines of the Koran, and with this they ultimately drove the Hellenizers from the field.
When the traditionalists prevailed, and the king was forced to back down, the Hellenizers were systematically hunted down.
Rather, in the light of the contemporary perception of the rebellion as part of France's plan to dominate Britain politically and forcibly to change its religion, Judas unifying a nation disrupted from within by hellenizers who co-opt foreign hellenizing Syrian forces is equivalent to Cumberland unifying a nation disrupted from within by Jacobites who co-opt foreign Catholic French forces.
Hengel have claimed that this was indeed the case, and that extreme Jewish hellenizers were actually the ones who instigated the persecution.
No historian has ever used the Jewish ethnicity of the Hellenizers in 165-145 as evidence that their ideas were rooted in Judaism.
in their fierce struggle against the Hellenizers in Judea.