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relating to or characteristic of the classical Greek civilization

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32) Accordingly, all representatives of the Hellenistically inspired conquest and embrace belong to the ruling, Western culture.
These conciliar formulations, achieved from within the biblical, liturgical, and performative life of Christian faith, cannot be understood simply as early, premodern, Hellenistically tinged attempts to objectify the Gospel.
On the opposite side of this scene, reinforcing the Roman belief in the primacy of their Hellenistically influenced culture, is a depiction of Aeneas, the Trojan Greek who supposedly founded Rome.
7) The continuous and long poem also fits into the Hellenistically influenced poema/poesis distinction which was often made by literary theoreticians, taking the side of lengthy, epic poesis (cf.
In practice, however, he himself appears to do less than justice to his stricture for, whilst not infrequent nods are given in the Jewish direction, these are quickly forgotten in the service of some supposed Hellenistically oriented control.