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the principles and ideals associated with classical Greek civilization

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The Hellenic and Cypriot Republics will continue their common titanic struggle for the rights of Hellenism, Cyprus and the Cypriot people, and for the restoration of the freedom, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Cypriot state.
The book explores the transformation of Hellenism after Byzantium waned and the intensifying encounter between Greeks and Latins during the fifteenth century.
It had in its favor, not only the sophisticated defense mounted by the later Neoplatonists, but also the longstanding association of Hellenism with learning and culture.
These were to be beacons of Hellenism throughout the land.
Hellenism banished from the newly Christianised Roman Empire found a home in Persia and later in the Islamic Caliphate.
The new dawn of Hellenism is rising," Michaloliakos adds.
Welcoming the Greek opposition leader, Omirou said "this historic visit comes at a juncture for Greece and Hellenism, with the economic crisis and the critical moments which the Cyprus problem is going through", adding that it is also important, noting that this is a time which demands that all living and inexhaustible resources of Hellenism, in Greece and Cyprus and overseas Greeks, to come together to face the imminent national dangers".
Hellenism and Loss in the Work of Virginia Woolf is the first book-length study of Woolf's "Greekness" by a scholar who is a native speaker as well as a student of ancient Greek.
Olverson argues that the dramatic monologue "Xantippe" and the closet drama "Medea" engage with Hellenism for political effect.
Aristeas outlines one element of this strategy in its famous story of the Greek translation of the ToraL On its face, the letter embodies the cosmopolitan spirit of Hellenism.
There are over 200 caucuses at the US Congress, including the caucus for promotion of Hellenism.
From Hellenism to Islam, Cultural and Linguistic Change in the Roman Near East
Some of the book titles that were donated included: "From Ishtar to Aphrodite: 3200 years of Cypriot Hellenism," "Alexander the Great," "The Olympic Games in Ancient Greece," "The Origins of El Greco," and "Hagia Sophia: The church of the holy wisdom of God.
in the 2,000 years that separated the Revolution of 1821 from Alexander the Great, very different versions of Hellenism emerged and took hold" (Kaldellis 2007: 14).
Theologically, these "cities" of Jerusalem and Athens are as distant as Scripture from sculpture; historically, they frame, for example, the Talmudic dialogue of the imagined Jew with the scoffing Hellene; aesthetically, they convey the pull of Hellenism on the Jewish protagonist (or narrator).