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Greek and Indian, Hellene and Hindu, the Greco-Bactrian/Greco-Indian kingdoms lived cheek by jowl with India.
In a statement received by Aswat al-Iraq, Premier Maliki received today the WB and IMF delegations, headed by Mary Hellene Prignil, representative of the WB; Maliki evaluated the cooperation of the WB for implementing the understandings signed between the two parties.
Their dam, Straight Lass, is also the dam of 2006 Prix La Force winner Barastraight and is out of Gay Hellene, a Group 3 winner for Ballymacoll who bred Listed winner Nash Terrace, high-class hurdler Landing Light and the dam of useful 7f performer Greek Renaissance.
Ons Jabeur and Ashleigh Barty had defeated Hellene Allgurine (Sweden) and Sofya Kovalets (Ukraine) at the semi-final.
Associer tradition byzantine et authenticite semble renvoyer aux stereotypes de l' << Hellene >> et du Romios, tels qu'analyses par Michael Herzfeld (1987, 2001).
This is because the opening phrases of this (in) famous quote ("si l'emotion est negre, la raison est hellene .
On April 13, 2010, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, four Puerto Rican women were recognized for their efforts of solidarity through an award given by Marie Hellene Morrow, Haitian, philanthropist and owner of Joyeria Reinhold.
Le christianisme, l'islam, la democratie, Paris: Grasset, 2001; Georges Contogeorgis, "Religion et politique dans le monde hellene.
His reactions unveil how Don Manuel, in belief and cultural inclination, is as Hebraic as Hellene, figuratively rejecting the cult of the dead by the repugnance he shows toward the villagers' Christian belief that babies who die unexpectedly will be saved in the Kingdom of Heaven.
As any homesick Hellene can tell you, their country can be a maddening place for people with drive and flair.
8, at New Life Center Assembly of God Church in Springfield for Hellene Walker of the Lane County area.
As a true poet, Heine must be both Hellene and Hebrew.
It has great passages--the reconstruction of Borne's witty conversation, the' Letters from Helgoland' which purport to anticipate and celebrate the July Revolution of 1830, the satirical account of a gathering of exiled revolutionaries, and the reflection on the opposed Hellene and Nazarene character-types--but it aroused, and still arouses, incredulous ridicule by claiming the moral high ground while salaciously accusing Borne of living in a menage a trois.
La segunda parte, Unir et proteger, consta de: <<Monde hellene et chretiente romaine: l'union introuvable, 1878-1903>> (Giuseppe M.
It has one author and hero: a refined decadent, Montmartre poet, rebellious Russian student, 'Goetheanum' builder, camel-caravan leader in a Central Asian desert, bibliophile, artist, Hellene, Frenchman, and three-times Russian.