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an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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Effects of helium-neon laser on the mucopolysaccharide induction in experimental osteoarthritic cartilage.
11] (the CIPM specified uncertainty for the visible wavelength of the iodine-stabilized helium-neon laser today) (4).
In 1969 Metrologic produced the world's first helium-neon laser kit, and by 1971, Metrologic was the world's largest volume manufacturer of helium-neon lasers.
Laser light with a longer wavelength, such as the (infrared) diode produced by the gallium arsenide (GaAs) or gallium aluminum arsenide (GaA1As) laser, penetrates deeper [8], whereas laser light with a shorter wavelength, such as red light produced by the helium-neon laser, penetrates human skin very superficially [7].
The disk -- a thin layer of indium gallium arsenide sandwiched between layers of indium gallium arsenide phosphide -- absorbs light from a helium-neon laser to generate coherent infrared radiation at wavelengths ranging from 1.
Receiving the honor for 2006 are the inventors of items such as the intravascular stent, the helium-neon laser, and the architecture for the modern day Internet.
Researchers using sensitive helium-neon laser Doppler devices capable of "hearing" blood flow beneath the skin are finding evidence, supported by microscopic studies, that tretinoin stimulates new growth of tiny blood vessels, which in turn may nurture the regeneration of damaged skin cells.
The 2006 class of inductees: LIVING - Willard Boyle, George Smith: Charge-coupled device - Vinton Cerf, Robert Kahn: Internet Protocol - Robert Gore: ePTFE, known by the GORE-TEX(R) brand name - Ali Javan: Helium-neon laser - Robert Langer, Jr.
Other items in the ChinaTech Listing that have sparked interest include a powerful Helium-Neon Laser, new patch medicine technology with a programmable dosage delivery; a device that removes ozone from duplicating and printing machines; and an improved indoor air cleaning system.
The transmitter converts the computer messages into light pulses with a red Helium-Neon laser that is merged with the stunning green YAG beam for the journey across the universe.
According to this 2015 xenon gas market research, xenon gas is indispensable in the manufacture of helium-neon lasers that are used in barcode scanners, alignment tools, and photography transmission.