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Synonyms for Heliozoa

mostly freshwater protozoa

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An electron microscopical study of freshwater heliozoa (genus Acanthocystis, Centrohelidia) from Chile, New Zealand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.
On the centrohelid and rotosphaerid heliozoa from the environs of the Vortsjarv Limnological Station in Estonia.
Freshwater scaled heterotrophic flagellates, ciliates, amoeba and heliozoa from four gulf states.
Mikrjukov, prominent Russian researcher of heliozoa who tragically died 29 April 2000.
Taxon Location Heterotrophic Flagellate * Cyathobodo crucifera AL-22; MS-23 Ciliate Lepidotrachelophyllum LA-8 fornicus Rhizopod Amoeba Cochilopodium LA-30 bilimbosum Cristidiscoid Heliozoa Pinaciophora LA-2, 15 fluviatilis Raphidiophrys capitata LA-2; MS-27 * Raphidiophrys MS-27 intermedia * Polyplacocystis LA-22; TX-1 marginata Centrohelid Heliozoa * Acanthocystis LA-17 durrschmidtidae * Acanthocystis MS-11 pectinata * Acanthocystis MS-27 polymorpha * Choanocystis aculeata LA-4 * Choanocystis rotundata LA-40 ssp.
Organization and control of microtubule pattern in centrohelidan Heliozoa.