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Hel often seems to be a victim of her circumstances -- of her parentage, her rotting and painful form, and a lack of love.
The HEL MD is being developed to show directed-energy force-protection capabilities against rockets, artillery and mortars, known as RAM.
First, it is important to understand what a HEL is.
Wrth gwrs, rhywbeth cymdeithasol ydi hel llus i fod, a dyma ffonio ffrindiau a theulu (sy'n gallu cerdded yn o bell pan fydd raid).
U17 Men: Ben Martin & Adam Peers (Wirral), James Farquar (St Hel S), Joe McKenna (LPS), David Catt, Craig Hoy, James McCully & Mike Quarless.
This week's Hel Achau - which has a comprehensive website has been set up to coincide with the series on www.
As a result of this tremendous growth, HEL ABS issuance now commands a 34 percent share of the ABS market, up from only a 12 percent share in 1993.
Hel was one of the children of the trickster god Loki, and her kingdom, called Niflheim, or the World of Darkness, was said to lie downward and northward.
If the mortgage balance plus the HEL do not exceed the fair market value of the home, the interest charge on the HEL is fully deductible as mortgage interest.
Tender notice number : H001-18, Dnro HEL 2018-001157(2018-005375)
This current order is the fourth order of MHR for HEL weapon systems, re-emphasizing the suitability and potential of the MHR to HEL systems.
A dyna ddigwyddodd y diwrnod o'r blaen, mynd i hel llus hefo fy nhad.
Mae Dr Greta Hughes yn gweithio fel Swyddog Pysgodfeydd ac un o'i swyddogaethau yw gwneud yn siwr bod y cocos yn ffynnu yn ogystal rheoli'r niferoedd sy'n cael eu hel.
Aur: Hel Straeon (S4C, 6pm) Fel rhan o awr aur ddyddiol S4C heddiw, sy'n rhoi'r cyfle i ail wylio clasuron o benodau o hen gyfresi, fe gawn hel atgofion wrth i ni ymuno e thAm Hel Straeon.
The Department of Defense's report on the effectiveness of the HEL JTO is generally responsive to congressional direction but lacks detail on how and when it plans to eventually transition laser technologies to the warfighter.