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German novelist and writer of short stories (1917-1985)

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BEIRUT: The Lebanese branch of the Heinrich Boell Foundation marked the centenary of the birth of the eponymous German writer and activist Friday.
The Heinrich Boell Stiftung is a German foundation and part of the Green political movement that has developed worldwide as a response to the traditional politics of socialism, liberalism, and conservatism.
The historical archive was one of the biggest of its kind in Germany and housed, among other, papers from Heinrich Boell, the Nobel Prize winning German author.
Our first thanks are to the Heinrich Boell Foundation for providing support for the conference, as well as for ongoing support of the Adva Center.
Among our active partners are the Green Guide, Brazil's Open University for the Atlantic Forest, the Center for a New American Dream, the Consumer Choice Council, Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment, and Germany's Heinrich Boell Foundation and Germanwatch.
He was arrested after he returned from a seminar in Berlin hosted by the Heinrich Boell Foundation in April 2000.
The impact is the same as reading Nadine Gordimer about South Africa, Alexander Solzhenitsyn about the Soviet Union, Gabriel Garcia Marquez about Latin America; Wole Soyinka about Nigeria; Heinrich Boell about Germany, and William Faulkner about the American South.
Organized by the Heinrich Boell Foundation and the Swiss Embassy, this year's event will commence in Beirut, then move on to Hammana and Nabatieh.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Youth Climate Network (PYCN) a youth advocacy group of Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) incorporation with Heinrich Boell Stiftung Pakistan would hold a seminar here on Thursday.
Contract award: catering services in the conference center of the heinrich boell foundation berlin.
Heinrich Boell Stiftung along with the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) has initiated a project to support efforts that use the new opportunities to foster dialogue, education, human rights, development, critical thinking and culture.
The national consultation on Green Economy was organized jointly by the Ministry of Climate Change, the One-UN Joint Programme on Environment, SDPI, LEAD Pakistan and Heinrich Boell Stiftung.
To address this need, Third World Network, in partnership with Traidcraft and Shramik Bharti, and in collaboration with and supported by the Commonwealth Foundation, Network for Social Change and the Heinrich Boell Foundation, have done a pilot project to generate knowledge, disseminate information and build the skills/capacity of MSME stakeholders with a view to equip MSMEs with tools that may help them understand the nuances of FTAs.
The findings coalesced into an audiovisual work, funded by the Heinrich Boell Foundation.
This was crux of views expressed by experts on environment during a workshop organized by Heinrich Boell Stiftung to discuss outcomes of UN Climate Change Conference COP21 recently held in Paris (France).