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king of France from 1547 to 1559

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first Plantagenet King of England

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Senator Heinrich is fighting for real solutions to reduce gun violence in our communities.
v=TozNSEhSad) trailer for the episode, Clare (Nazanin Boniadi) pays Heinrich a surprise visit and asks him what he told Prime.
Waffen SS soldier Heinrich Steinmeyer was touched by the kindness he found at Comrie, Perthshire, when he was held as a PoW in the Second World War.
Feng Chun-Kai, Heinrich Haussler, Insausti Heinrich, Ion Insausti, Domen Novak, David Per and Meiyin Wang.
Edward Oscar Heinrich was an extraordinarily skilled criminologist who, almost single-handedly, helped to instill a more systematic and scientific level of criminal investigation in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s.
Heinrich requested the leave of absence after suffering several weeks from the illness.
com)-- RC Incorporated, a family owned company that consists of multiple business units focused primarily in the manufacturing industry, completed the acquisition of Heinrich Company.
Locals in Comrie, Perthshire, claim they haven't seen a penny of the donation - which could be as much as PS800,000 - bequeathed to them by kindhearted German soldier Heinrich Steinmeyer, who died nearly two years ago.
Cet avis est exprime par Heinrich Neisser, ancien vice-president du parlement autrichien (1994-1999) qui, en reagissant aux derniers attentats survenus en France, reste plus que jamais convaincu que le dialogue est le meilleur remede a toutes les formes d'extremisme.
Heinrich Himmler--the Nazi Gestapo chief, head of the German police in the Third Reich, nead of the Reich Main Security Office, and Reich Minister of the Interior--was born to a Catholic family Oct.
Christoph Heinrich first visited Colorado for the 2006 opening of the Denver Art Museum's Daniel Libeskind-designed Frederic C.
New Mexico Democrat Martin Heinrich and Arizona Republican Jeff Flake said they hope their adventure, scheduled to air Oct.
Heinrich (1881-1962) in the four editions of his seminal Industrial Accident Prevention: A Scientific Approach that safety professionals continue to repeat without critical thought.
Australian mining company, Paladin Energy Ltd announced it has entered into agreements with its existing lenders to refinance the Langer Heinrich project finance facility.
Botez, Demostene (1956), "La centenarul mortii marelui poet Heinrich Heine," Informatia Bucurestiului 18 feb: 2.