Heimlich maneuver

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an emergency procedure to help someone who is choking because food is lodged in the trachea

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Konicek learned the Heimlich maneuver and CPR as a youth and goes through annual training.
Chicago Bears linebacker Jerrell Freeman used the Heimlich maneuver to save a man choking on food at the Austin Airport in July.
Deputy Adam Hedrick respond ed and began the Heimlich maneuver, dislodging the stuck food.
Eastwood, who most famously inhabited the role of "Dirty Harry," confessed he'd never performed the Heimlich maneuver in real life before: "except to practice.
Miriam performed the Heimlich maneuver (emergency procedure to clear a choking person's airway) by wrapping her arms around her friend's waist and thrusting.
Miriam says she remembered an episode from the Nickelodeon animated series in which Squidward gets a clarinet lodged in his throat and SpongeBob does the Heimlich maneuver.
From the latest guidelines for using CPR and the Heimlich maneuver to operating external defibrillators and controlling bleeding, as well as handling and identifying steroid use among athletes, SPORT FIRST AID is an exceptional reference any sporting or coach's library needs.
Without giving the situation much thought, Ryan quickly ran to help Brandon, wrapping his arms around his classmate to perform the Heimlich Maneuver.
The senator applies the Heimlich maneuver to Bloomberg News Service executive editor Al Hunt, choking on a piece of chicken while dining in Manchester.
CALIFORNIA CITY -- Teacher Ginger Cooper is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of one of her pupils by performing the Heimlich maneuver and dislodging a piece of cinnamon doughnut he was choking on.
The Heimlich maneuver (HIME-lick mah-NOO-ver) can save a life by giving a quick squeeze under the rib cage that pops the food or object out of the trachea.
John's Ambulance instructors to teach employees the Heimlich maneuver.
The Heimlich maneuver becomes unwieldy during the late stages of pregnancy, requiring adaptations, Dr.
PASADENA, CALIF -- The Heimlich maneuver becomes unwieldy during the late stages of pregnancy, requiring adaptations, Dr.
She leaves the stage to provide the Heimlich Maneuver, saving the woman from having her obituary reading choked to death on a martini olive.