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under China National Coal Group Corporation Yi Lan, Heilong Jiang, China * Corresponding author: e-mail wwdyyy@126.
Chinese student Jian-li is visiting England from Heilong Jiang in China.
At least three Chinese provinces, Heilong Jiang, Chong Qing and Hunan, have offered to help support the center through import/export business, Li said.
They need talent from Qiqihar, an industrial city in Heilong Jiang Province, to carry on an unfinished task begun by the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong -- extending a common language to everyone in a country full of unintelligible dialects and mutated accents.
About 80% of the 2,800 people who have graduated from the Chinese Department since 1977 have stayed in Heilong Jiang Province to teach, but because the central government no longer assigns graduates to jobs, the stay-at-home trend is weakening.