Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

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German philosopher whose three stage process of dialectical reasoning was adopted by Karl Marx (1770-1831)


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Even Gadamer's references to "fusions" of distinct, interpretive horizons are seen to imply a refusal to shed the shackles of Hegelianism.
Any application of chaos theory in the humanities must take account of the direct contradiction of Hegelianism that it implies.
What was happening in Europe in 1935 if not a struggle between left-wing Hegelianism (the Bolsheviks) and right-wing Hegelianism (the Nazis)?
The German-American historian Holborn has suggested that the war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union could be seen as a conflict between right-wing Hegelianism and left-wing Hegelianism--dubious homage to philosophy and the power of ideas.
During that time she became more familiar with German philosophy, particularly Hegelianism, through her close friend, Dr.
Here Vallieres's text was at one with much New Left cultural criticism, from the Port Huron Statement of the SDS to the new Hegelianism of Herbert Marcuse, which depicted the "one-dimensional lives" of people trapped in capitalist culture.
Obscured from even Rosenzweig's brilliant self-consciousness, the ambivalence evident in his justification was not merely between Hegelianism and Christianity, but pivoted on the difference between a vilified Judaism, as it was understood by both Hegelian philosophy and Christian theology, on the one side, and a verified Judaism, as it was (or had been) understood and lived by the Jewish community.
81) "Barry Cooper, The End of History: An Essay on Modern Hegelianism (Toronto, 1984), p.
The threads of Hegelianism, cultural elitism, the then-new thrust of liberalism, and the post-1848 sense of the importance of the "common man" are interwoven in such a way that we gain a deeper understanding of SK's rebellion against his time and his attraction to the rising spirit of liberalism.
Influenced also by English Hegelianism, Verene notes that his master of philosophical style is Collingwood.
Hegel and those of Marx and Engels at important junctures in the course of the latter's career, this book is concerned with the origins of Hegelianism in the writings of Marx and Engels.
This too may be traceable to vulgarized Hegelianism.
University of Notre Dame, 1998) and asserted therein that "the prospects for a Catholic Hegelianism have never been so bright" (146).
Yet, postmodern thought has also launched the most comprehensive and convincing critiques of many of the grand narratives of modernity (including Hegelianism, Marxism, Freudianism, etc.
In explorations of the debt to and departure from Hegelianism evident in Marx, translation of and engagement with Lenin's Materialism and Empirio-Criticism, brushing up against Max Eastman in bitter debate, travels to Germany and Moscow, and connections with (although not membership in) the Communist Party of the United States, Hook solidified his philosophy in an activist appreciation of the Marxist/Dewey conjuncture.