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a follower of the thought of Hegel

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This collection of three facsimile editions of works by what has been termed the Ohio Hegelians may represent proof of "a vibrant intellectual milieu" in "the Midwestern United States during the second half of the nineteenth century" (v).
It is a problem he shares with any broadly Hegelian account, in particular one that invests so much faith in the power of "aesthetic representation" to imagine "a future beyond the instrumentality that has so far qualified the process of enlightenment," a future in which the "objects" of such representation may "achieve a qualified priority over any (eventual) universal concept.
Here Afinoguenova interprets the novel as an allegory of the Hegelian dialectic filtered through the lens of Alexandre Kojeve' Hegelian and post--Hegelian philosophy.
Bonhoeffer--who warned in mid-1932 that there would be war if the Nazis came to power (as they did the following year), and who later joined a plot to assassinate Hitler--rejected that prevailing theology and its underlying Hegelian notion that the state operated in a realm removed from the rest of humanity.
In books and essays stretching from Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority (1961) to Otherwise than Being: Or, Beyond Essence (1974), Emmanuel Levinas develops a radical critique of Hegelian Idealism as an Odyssean narrative of reason that consummates the whole "spiritual adventure" of Western philosophy.
In Traumatic Encounters: Holocaust Representation and the Hegelian Subject, Paul Eisenstein explores how the Hegelian subject might be redeemed for Holocaust and trauma studies from a milieu that has sometimes led to its preemptive burial.
The Hegelian process is reminiscent of the three higher level thinking processes (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) of Bloom's taxonomy (Bloom, Englehart, Furst, & Krathwohl, 1956).
Though this terminology might give the impression that the formulation should be under the spell of the grand Hegelian design, it is actually free from such a restraint.
Now we do not know whether Achebe, at the time of his writing Things Fall Apart, (2) had read Hegel or not, but it does not matter, for the Hegelian view of Africa and the African, itself derived from 19th-century missionary and explorer narratives, permeates the entire colonial text.
Moxey offers a cogent analysis of the logical paradoxes pervading these foundational texts, inviting us to consider how Panofsky folds theory and method into truth claims based on empirical study in the physical sciences, but also on the Hegelian tradition deeply embedded in German art-historical scholarship.
You are talking about a Hegelian idea of thesis and antithesis combined with a Millite theory of liberty.
Neuhouser's book is one of the most important contributions to the revival of Hegelian philosophy that has been taking place in Anglo-American philosophy over the last few years.
Campbell adds the Hegelian Marxism of Italian Antonio Labriola, to this lineage.
The ensuing section on the spiritual straying of the National Socialist legal system emphasizes the central role of Hegelian legal philosophy.