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a major port in northwestern Israel

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The New Hampshire HELC (1997)/ HEFA (1998) Master Trust consists of FFELP, and two types of private loans, LEAF and TREE.
Rob Midgley, technology manager, aviation fuels, for Shell Aviation, Cheshire, Great Britain, and a D02 member, notes, "The approval of HEFA as a blending component in jet fuel builds on the great efforts expended by ASTM on approving Fischer-Tropsch components in 2009 and shows that, as a consensus group, ASTM can make great strides whilst maintaining the safety levels demanded by the aviation sector.
With the approval of the alternative jet fuel specification for HEFA (sometimes referred to as "hydroprocessed renewable jet" fuel), hydroprocessing of plant oils becomes another pathway for production of alternative jet fuels.
Bond proceeds will be used to refund all or a portion of the outstanding HEFA revenue bonds, Worcester City Campus Corp.
The HEFA series C bonds fund UMass's share of costs for a campus center now under construction at the Boston campus.
May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- SharkDefense Technologies and HEFA Rare Earth Canada, Co.
CJG Handels AB, which is active with selling of cushions for furniture, was earlier a subsidiary to Hefa AB, which New Wave Group acquired during 1998.
375%, 1/01/32 4)Wisconsin HEFA (Ministry Hlth Care) MBIA 1.
PECO Energy, under the contract awarded by HEFA, will ensure the delivery of electricity and other related services to more than 460 nonprofit institutions and their employees who are participants in HEFA's PowerOptions energy aggregation program and spend more than $115 million in electricity annually.
75% 10/01/26 6)Wisconsin HEFA (Ministry Hlth Care) MBIA 1.