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Synonyms for ivy

Old World vine with lobed evergreen leaves and black berrylike fruits

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Hedra helix, or ivy, in the immature stage has five lobes, whereas in the mature stage it has none.
CSC's team includes change management consulting firm Hedra Ltd, healthcare applications provider iSoft Plc and desktop services specialist Specialist Computer Company.
Not one person over the age of 65 or from lower social groups questioned in a survey by consultants Hedra said they used government sites.
Barth, Calypso Beaute, Kitchen Club, Hedra Prue, Kazuyo Nakano, Zero and Resurrection Vintage.
The American Ivy Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the genus Hedra through education and promotion.
His previous appointments include partner for the public sector at IBM Business Consulting Services, as well as senior positions at Compaq Computers, Hedra plc and Ernst & Young.
And in March, the group acquired public sector management consultancy business Hedra, in an attempt to give it more expertise in working within heavily regulated markets.